Expert timber floor restoration in Tauranga

The timber floor experts
If you need a new floor or are looking for experts in floor sanding and polishing to restore your old floor, look no further! Tauranga Floor Sanding in Tauranga will do a beautiful job and leave your premises as clean and fresh as possible. Tauranga Floor Sanding are experts in timber floor restoration. We sand old and new timber flooring showing the beauty of the wood and with the applications available today to bring out the grain pattern and colour of the natural timber using the very latest top quality products. Sanded and polyurethane floors add value to your home and are a great asset, they are also easy to care for and maintain with minimum fuss and work well in rental properties, offices and heavy traffic areas along with the health benefits for anyone with allergies.
Two examples of timber floor restoration in Tauranga

Polyurathane finishes

With timber floor restoration the style and finish of your floor is an important factor when choosing the right look for your home. We can advise and help you achieve the look and quality you require. Our Polyurathane finishes are available in waterbourne 2 pack polyurethanes or moisture cure finishes both have a relatively quick drying time and are heavy duty.

Other finishes

Floor polishing in Tauranga
Clear finishes:
This finish shows the natural look of the grain in the timber, while easy to maintain. From a high gloss shiny surface to a less sheen using a satin finish or for the real natural wood look a matt finish.
Floor polishing in Tauranga
Tinted finishes:
This process uses a tint colour added to the polyurethane to slightly change the effects of timber while still clearly showing the grain.
Floor polishing in Tauranga
We offer a range of stains to change the effect on timbers, using non toxic waterbase pigments stains which are available in a wide colour range, samples can be arranged.
Floor polishing in Tauranga
Blonde flooring:
A unique technique using whitening to obtain a blonded floor, again tints can be added to show the blonded effects of different timbers.
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